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HP TouchPad ebook reader is a great deal. The price crashes 75% to $99 and it has been sold out at Bestbuy, Target, and Walmart. $99 is a steal as this is a great tablet device although there are not many native apps as iPad or Android Tablet. You could buy one as a $100 gift and you won’t be disappointed. Personally, I would have it as an internet device when sitting on my coach watching TVs. Also some popular games are available such as Angry Bird.

This is an awesome device for ereader, but Amazon Kindle Fire with $199 price-point would be another great option.

The TouchPad measures 9.45″ (w) x 7.48″ (h) x 0.54″ thick. It weighs closely around 1.6 pounds. The screen size is 9.7″ XGA capacitive with 18-bit color (1024 x 768) – high screen resolution means you could see more content inside the screen. The Web Browser and Email Apps are outstanding experience. Indeed, I really like the multi-tasking experience on it. You could swipe to the edge of top screen to close an app. The transition between apps is very smooth and addictive.

There is a native ebook reader app “Reader” (HP Touchpad ereader) on Touchpad. The experience is beautiful and one of my favorites.

Regarding to other Ebook Readers, I’m listing out 4 popular ones for your reference.

1. Amazon Kindle for webOS

Kindle for webOS delivers ebooks to it via Wifi. You can shop closed to a million Kindle books on it. With Whispersync, pages are sync and you could pick up where you left off across devices from your phone, to Kindle, to touchPad. Kindle has a lot of popular and bestseller books. You could download and preview the sample chapters before buying ebooks. Someone called it the best hp touchpad book reader due to the huge collection of Kindle ebooks.

2. pReader

pReader is currently supporting HTML, plain txt, PalmDOC, MobiPocket, eReader, ePub and Amazon AZW files. MobiPocket and eReader DRM Schemes are fully supported, but the ePub and Amazon DRM isn’t yet. If you are looking for TouchPad ePub reader, this is one of the best options.

3. Palm Reader

Palm Reader supports HTML formatted books. It has library management that you could add books, delete, and edit title & author in the library. Also you could set bookmarks and jump to any spot in the book in the bookmark management.
You could “Flick” pages to left or right, or use on screen arrow keys to read page by page. Due to the fact that this reader is not very popular, TouchPad ebooks are limited as you may think.

4. Popelli Reader

HP TouchPad Popelli Reader for WebOS supports HTML, Text, Mobipocket (PRC), Microsoft Reader (LIT), PalmDoc (PDB) and EPub formatted books. This Homebrew version is a fully featured and unlimited. The full version could be download in HP App Market.

There are many other popular reader apps in the HP App Store. Just search for ebook reader for TouchPad and you should be able to find some. Feel free to browse and check around. Again, HP TouchPad is a great option as an ebook reader. $99 is a no-brainer. It’s nice to have a touch tablet and do your web reading/browsing on-the-go.

HP TouchPad was under limited stock, what would be the next option? $99 was a very good deal, but you could get an on-going updated Android Tablet around this price ~$150. Android based Kindle Fire is on-sale today. Android is a well supported mobile platform and there are much more ebooks, ebook reader apps, games and applications available in the AppStore. Best Ebook Reader for Android would be a great review for your reference.

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