HP TouchPad Discount

HP TouchPad Discount is under Firesale. $99 was a steal deal and I think it’s an awesome deal to buy a tablet device for reading.

I’m linking to many deal posts and keep you on post. As you may know, all other vendors are going to sell it quick. Just watch out and see when some are available in stock. Also I found a few WebOS ebook readers for your reference. Probably there are many good ones out there. Please ping me if you know any good ones.

In my opinion, price matters. Although WebOS is not that popular as Ebook Readers as Kindle, iPad, and Android Tablets. $99 was still a winner. HP TouchPad Discount could help it gain userbase market. I hope WebOS still gains a little bit market share and encourage developers to port their apps over. Palm was a great consumer electronic makers. I had Palm Vx back to 2001 when I was in college. Probably WebOS will land in some OEM and Vendors and will create new sets of devices.

Nowadays, OS matters, native apps even matters. Consumers may buy iPad or Android Tablets just because of Angry Birds or some hot app items.

HP TouchPad Review

HP TouchPad Review Full Review of the HP TouchPad. For more tech reviews and news, check us out at: www.technobuffalo.com Follow Us on Twitter www.twitter.com Like Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com I’ve gotten to spend some time with the TouchPad now,…

Get to know the HP TouchPad

This video highlights powerful features of the HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad for $100!

HP TouchPad for $100! In this video I go over the recently slashed price of the HP TouchPad tablet as well as an unboxing and first look of the webOS tablet. You can pick up a HP TouchPad Discount as 16GB for $99 and a HP TouchPad 32GB for $149 however stock is …

HP TouchPad Ebook Reader | New Ebook Reader Reviews

HP TouchPad ebook reader is a great deal. The price crashes 75% to $99 and it has been sold out at Bestbuy, Target, and Walmart. $99 is a steal as this is a great tablet device although there are not many native apps as iPad or Android

Publish Date: 08/21/2011 16:26


Where to buy the $99 HP TouchPad – USA and Canada | eBook Reader

Posted by Categories: eBook Readers. touchpad. The HP TouchPad is having a firesale because the company is discontinuing making them. WebOS might live on because HP wants to license it to other companies. You can always rely ont the MOD

Publish Date: 08/20/2011 16:53


More chances to pick up a $99 HP TouchPad (8-21-11

If you never install a single app on the TouchPad, it’s still a bargain at $99 when you consider the fact that an Amazon Kindle or similar eBook Reader sells for around $130. But if you want to future-proof the TouchPad

Publish Date: 08/21/2011 4:26


HP TouchPad receives massive price cut | Ubergizmo

Taking into consideration the average cost of a digital photo frame or an eBook reader and you know you have a great deal on your hands. Maybe the sudden surge in sales will make HP reconsider their decision.

Publish Date: 08/19/2011 18:42


HP TouchPad in Stock at Bestbuy Locations Today | Good E-Reader

Good e-Reader has been chronicalizing the ravenous public’s appetite for the hottest tablet in the world right now, the HP TouchPad. We have been.

Publish Date: 08/21/2011 2:19


I think $99 is the bottom price of HP TouchPad Discount. Check out the full product feature specification and you will be amazed about how great this is. I doubt if it would go even lower. Maybe after a few months, there won’t be any new WebOS apps and the demand dies down due to Seasons. HP TouchPad Discount would go even further.

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