How to improve your E-Reader with the best accessories

E-readers raise your viewing experience to a whole new level. The combination of a virtual library in a reading device, the size of a paperback book, e-readers have revolutionized our enjoyment of the written word. Amazing accessories for e-readers can still improve the pleasure of reading. Book lovers can use e-reader accessories as well as numerous specific types for different devices.

The accessories are usually included in some categories such as blankets, reading lamps, power adapters, and earplugs. When you buy an e-reader, you will receive some basic accessories. Yet there are other interesting options that are often overlooked by users of e-reader. For extra protection and a sleek, exploring the endless possibilities with accessories e-reader:

1. Blankets. E-reader covers will protect from dust and scratches. Covers and screen protectors allow you to customize the e-readers, while offering protection.

2. Cases. Case E-reader can also reflect your individual style. They provide protection for your e-spectacular reader.

3. Jackets. E-jackets reader offers a sleek style, excellent durability and added protection for e-readers. The jackets can be made from various materials such as leather or vinyl transparent. They come in contemporary colors like sapphire blue, mocha, or jade green.

4. Sleeves protect the entire surface of an e-reader. They have a soft lining, the design of form-fitting, padded and protection.

5. Protective skins add the final design to an e-reader. This accessory adds a measure of protection without adding bulk. skin protection, however, does not offer the same level of protection covers, jackets, sleeves, or cases.

6. Reading lights illuminate the screen and make it easy to read in the dark.

7. Earphones. Since then, they block unwanted noise, earphones add to the enjoyment of an e-reader.

8. Adapter. With adapters, you can use your e-reader – anywhere, anytime.

Amazing E-Reader Accessories


Fans of the Sony PRS can choose fantastic fashion accessories. Stylish covers come in various colors such as red, bold black or dark brown. Sony PRS-505 users can buy a quality leather cover with pockets for a card, driving license, bus pass, or an optional memory card.

M-Edge accessories, a supplier of accessories for e-readers, has a line of blankets and jackets for Sony Reader PRS-505 and Sony Reader PRS-700. The Executive jacket with a padded case opens like a book. Since Sony PRS-505 has no built-in light, the M-Edge e-LuminatorTM can be used with the Executive jacket.

M-Edge Accessories also developed the “Leisure Jacket” – a perfect option to protect an e-reader at the pool or beach. The “Platform Jacket imitates a book stand so that the device can be used in an upright position, hands free.

Sony Users can choose from a wide variety of accessories. A cover with a light and protects the device also provides lighting. A clutch case offers protection and style glory. Zipper case with soft lining make this event fantastic trip. Whenever you travel, e-readers work if you carry a charger or car charger adapter.

Amazon Kindle

There are many fine leather covers, bright colors, available for innovative wireless Kindle. The Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light is designed for easy attachment to a Kindle book cover. The lens optical quality LumaLenz distributes the light evenly and has a fully adjustable arm to hold the light in place. Its two super LED to a bright light which is six times more than an ordinary LED.

Patagonia Book Case offers perfect protection for 2nd generation Kindle. This case is an eco-responsible choices (recycled polyester shell), functional and fashionable. The screen can be easily seen by the Patagonia case book. Poly-mesh carry handle is an additional convenience.

Users can also protect their 2nd generation e-reader with a protective skin GelaSkins Kindle. With a bubble-free application, the skin protects an e-reader scratches. In addition, skin protection adds style with a detachable post.

For maximum protection, however, choosing more robust options. A neoprene sleeve Kindle is a new way to protect an e-reader. Kindle headphones still provide enjoyable reading experience. They can be very useful because, as has been noted in the article “What Do You, Oprah, and a reader of electronic books have in common?” Kindle is stereo and has a capacity of text to speech (Readers pounds).

Irex iLiad

Users can find the usual accessories iRex iLiad e-reader as to the covers and chargers. Irex iLiad yet has a unique accessory – the stylus. This device allows you to write the e-reader. It is a standard pen stylus that fits behind the e-reader. Users can also select a professional or advanced style.

E-readers are reading direction in the future. Embrace their innovative technology, style, catchy, and different colors. Equip your e-reader and achieve amazing style and function unmatched.
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