How to Choose an eBook reader of a child

A few years ago, hardly anyone had ebook readers, but now they become a household staple, at least among the families who read. Children are increasingly picking up the devices from their parents and ask for lighter or corner of their own.

Children may just want them because they look cool, but there are real benefits. readers may have difficulty reading devices aloud as they read along. Children can find new words they encounter with the push of a button. And, of course, the storage capacity, it is easy to take dozens of books on long car trips and other adventures.

With prices down, parents are e-readers affordable enough to give to children. But who is right for your child?

Take a look at what exists and what is appropriate for children of various ages groups.

Ebook readers for young kids

If you have young people who learn to read, but are not yet ready for the responsibility (read: Break capacity) or recess of a Kindle, you can look in some new readers are specially designed for children. They do not require knowledge of the Internet (like the video game systems, “books” can be loaded via removable cartridges) or the comfort of browsing an online bookstore. They are also designed with kids in mind: colorful covers, large buttons, and rugged cases.

An example is the Flip Vtech, a reader for preschoolers. It looks like the device to an older, but it has a see-through flip cover and colored buttons and a border. In addition, it can be purchased for only $ 50. Cartridges allow you to load a mixture of modern favorites (Shrek, Toy Story) and children’s classics (The Little Engine That Could). Lots of bells and whistles add a new layer to the reading experience and help keep young minds engaged.

For slightly older children, try V.reader the same company, which has a USB port and SD memory card slot for expansion.

Ebook for older readers kids

At eight or nine years, a child will probably be able to manage the care of a regular “adult” device. This opens the world of ebooks for them (if you still have the credit card, so you can control what kids are buying).

Although all the children would probably tickle with IPAD, many more affordable options are available. Search Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble and Borders for readers who come under the $ 150 mark.

Readers of all family

If you want to invest a little more and buy a single e-reader that the family can share, something appropriate for children and adults, you might consider an Apple iPad or Barnes & Noble corner of color. Both cameras can display illustrated ebooks children and all your favorites. The iPad comes with a high price tag, but he can watch the movie, listening to music, and games as well as reading the book. Most applications in the Apple store are designed to entertain and educate children (and there are lots of fun for adults too!).

There is an ebook reader for everybody there now, regardless of age. Have fun finding your perfect match.
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