Finally Ebook readers make their breakthrough

It is never really a matter of time before mainstream market.

In struck by the fact if anything, we should be surprised that it took all this time. Since iTunes was launched so successfully in 2004, other forms of media have risen rapidly in the digital stream to decide that this is the best way forward.

Television is currently in the midst of what is described as the great “Switch Digital Plus” which means that by 2012 all TV services in the United Kingdom will be provided in digital form. Even radio has set the law, with radios DAB offers high quality audio at very affordable prices.

So why not written to be invited to the party too? Well, the good news is that with the arrival of the Sony Reader, the invitation comes not been sent. It was indeed accepted too.

The eBook Reader from Sony is far from being the only player out there, but the money involved in its inception has raised awareness of new technology and what it can offer those who enjoy reading on the move.

For first people who plan to be able to take a whole library with them when traveling. And not just books that can be tasted. The iLiad from iRex, for example, allows users to download RSS feeds and logs everything that means your eBook Reader can be enjoyed on your travels in the work … and not just when you’re on vacation. The machine even comes with a stylus that also allows readers to go further and record their own personal notes in the text simply by writing on the screen. This opens a whole new world for professionals such as architects who can now take all the notes and drawings they want on their eBook Reader without having to worry about dragging a huge sketchpad.

It the hope that readers eBook capture the imagination of the public in the same way that digital music has done. They certainly deserve to. They are a great way to allow people to take a wide range of literature with them in a form handy portable … and with most books in a fraction of the price of your average pocket, they offer great value for money too.

It may have taken some time for literature to make an appearance in this new digital age. But now that he has, for my part, I hope she is really self indespensible.


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