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There are many different File Types supported on various Ebook Readers. This should be one of the main points you are looking to decide which eBook Reader that you will buy. First, it is an important factor in where you source your ebooks. Second, you may need to transfer or convert your ebooks later if you change your ebook reader.

As with the music and video there are a number of different file types for ebooks. Currently, there is no accepted standard for good ebooks PDF is widely available. The jury is still out on who will win the list of file types battle.

The below are the more popular you meet. It is not complete and does not include many types of proprietary file that certain files use.

PDF readers are widely available. This is because the Adobe Reader (formerly Acrobat Reader) that comes with MS Windows. The file type also supports graphics and colors. It is supported by most popular files readers.

AZW ebook was created exclusively by Amazon for the Kindle. The files are based on standard Mobipocket and there are a number of software utilities available to convert to other formats.

EPUB is a standard open source. It is supported by most ordinary readers ebook. The file type is mainly used by publishers who want a level security.

LRF/LRX are usually not shown, but are used in the standard BeBook. This is a proprietary standard used by the Sony ebook reader. Although Sony does not stock more ebooks in the standard BeBook ebook readers still support him.

PRC is the Mobipocket format. It is widely used on mobile phones and PDAs. The Kindle also supports this file type. TXT files are files and

DOC generally accepted type of document. Although many ebook readers to support these types of files they would be more useful if you intend to use your ebook reader for business as well.

MP3 – Okay, this is not a file type ebook, ebook readers, but to support him. It can be used for audio books and listen to music while you read. Make sure the player has an audio jack for headphones so as not to disturb other ebook readers people.

Some support their own individual file types, but generally the trend is PDF and EPUB. Now that Amazon has introduced support for PDF format on Kindle, but a conversion process offline, the norm seems ready for future.

In Conclusion, there are popular file types that your ebook reader should support. It really depends on how you get or buy your ebook content. In general types of files can use an ebook reader are not important. Any book will be available in any format, if you search hard enough. Please remember that if you convert pounds to another file format to convert the books you have and be aware of any copyright restrictions.

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