EBook Readers with screen protection and the protection of the case

It is equally important to protect e-book readers with screen protector and the casing as it is to protect any other portable device like the iPhone. As e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle and Sony Reader have become more popular, a wave of accessories is also mounted on the wave of popularity. Among the most useful of them is a variety of cases and blankets to protect both the screen and the case of the electronic book readers, although some are more useful than others.

One disadvantages of large screens are now used in many devices is that they are very susceptible to scratches, which can interfere with the ease of reading. Since their main goal is to be read, it is not surprising that people turn to the shield as an essential element, and protection case as a secondary protection. Usually both will come together, even if it is possible to buy separately.

Screen Protection

Protection screen

CaseCrown Amazon Kindle 3 (Latest Generation) Faux Leather Premium Case with Interior Compartments (Pink)

  • Designed to fit the Amazon Kindle 3 (Latest Generation)
  • Made from premium faux leather.
  • Compartments inside to hold cards, driver’s license with viewing window, and additional papers.
  • Four interior leather straps to hold your Kindle 3 secure.
  • Held close with a reinforced metal clasp.

Good must do more than simply protect the screen against scratches. It should be as unobtrusive as possible, not just appear almost invisible, but also to improve the properties of the original screen. IPAD Take, for example. This is not a dedicated e-reader, but also a multifunctional device designed for gaming and watching videos. It has a touch screen LCD which is subject to glare: not so good for reading eBooks.

The same may be true of e-reader screens of others, if when you buy protective screen, you must consider not only the protection against scratches, but also anti-glare properties that do not interfere with the clarity required for DVDs and games. That’s IPAD, of course, and you may have different considerations for a meal or a Kindle. For example, as described in the article “,” Patagonia Book Case offers perfect protection for Amazon Kindle – this case is a recycled polyester shell eco-conscious, functional and fashionable choice (dbReaders)


There several good screen protectors available for dedicated e-readers, among them Boxwave ClearTouch on sales of $ 10 to $ 30, but you should beware of very cheap protectors under $ 5 that could not offer much protection – possible against fingerprints, but not much else! Two pieces of screen protector is good, in that it offers good anti-glare and protects e-book readers against scratches and dust.




Screen protect the screen, but do not protect e-book readers to the case of damage or electronics should be dropped or bumped. protection cases are available for most brands of e-reader, selected from aluminum and other compounds from plastic or rubber. If you work in a challenging environment, or if your e-reader can easily be dropped or hit a certain way, the aluminum hood is best.

The Guardian case of M-Edge not only provides a impact protection, but also waterproofs your Kindle to a depth of 1 meter. It seals all the buttons, but you can still read and use the features. This launch is expected very soon (Spring 2010). The store even offers a number of different cases in leather and neoprene for the Sony eReader, the meal and the iPad.

Leather cases provide a good quality feel to your e-reader and are available in a number of colors, and neoprene covers offer the possibility of bright colors and funky are also available in “universal” models that fit most sizes eBook Reader reader.

E Sleeves


An the e-reader covers are sleeves, where the reader slides into the sleeve so it is fully protected with one open side. They suffer from the disadvantage that the device is removed from the handle during use, and is no longer protected, but the advantage is that it offered more protection than a case when n is not use.

The penalty does not use a form of protection matter is that accidents can cause loss of the entire contents of your e-reader, and unless you have a backup on your computer, you may losing a large sum of money. In addition, the lack of screen protection could end up with your e-books are very difficult to read because a large number of small scratches that scatters light and the display is very annoying to the extent that it may become unreadable .

You should protect e-book readers with screen protector and case to keep looking neat and clean cases are easily replaced at less cost, but not the original screen and not the e-reader himself own -. Do not compromise your device and its contents in the interest of a relatively small amount of money.

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