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Three of the more prominent ebook reader on our platform of choice is Stanza, eReader and the Amazon Kindle App. I am a big book reader, the type associated with real paper, but I’m not against playing on my iPod Touch as well, especially when faced with certain content that is only available as an ebook . So, I downloaded each of these applications, and some books for everyone, and thought I’d give everyone a look at each and I think the positives and negatives are.

I ‘m going to start by later, the Amazon Kindle. Amazon has its own portable device, the Kindle, but they wisely decided not to limit their sales in stores only this material by the introduction of this software for the device. Ease of downloading books for your Kindle application somewhere in the middle of the three, I’ll look like you need to go online (via Safari or your computer) to the Amazon. From there, you buy the Kindle book, by all means you put up with Amazon. The good news is, the book you ordered will then wirelessly download on your Apple device, and in a few moments, you can start reading.

The Kindle application has a good menu with various options for sorting the books stored in application. In the book itself, there are three background color / text color choices, plus the size of multiple texts. I found that my reading rate (when the phone is held vertically) I needed to put the text to the second smallest text size (shown in the picture above) if I wanted to be able read each “page” on the screen before the camera starts to go dark (like the closure, because you have not touched the screen for too long). Kindle application allows you to switch between the horizontal and lock the screen so that it can not move. I personally want to get as much text on the screen as possible without having to hit the screen unnecessarily to prevent extinction (in other words, that hit the screen when I read in turn the page). You can get a menu that displays chapter marks, and all the bookmarks that you put in the story you are reading. It is a specific application, but it has no bells and whistles that many others.

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Though that the application is fairly new, eReader itself has been around the longest, is the way most people have been reading ebooks for years. There is a fairly large selection of free books available on eReader, but in some ways it makes it harder to enforce the order or purchase books. Again you must go online (via Safari or your computer) and select one of the stores that sells books eReader. You must also have an account eReader, then go through the process of buying and downloading. On the positive side, there are a few choices in the stores, you can buy (as opposed to Kindle, which is just in one store).

EReader Application

The application itself has a main service menu. It’s not as pretty as the other two applications I checked, this is also true of the main part of the books themselves. Again, I had to move the text establishing the smallest size (which allows more text on the screen) to the next level (mean – as shown in the image above) to be able to read a page without the screen to go black. In eReader you many more options for font type, line spacing, margins – and eight different color combinations for background and text. Again, you can switch between horizontal and vertical orientations to display the book, but you must go into the menu to lock it in place (unlike Kindle, when this option appears on the screen when you switch to each other). Ultimately, eReader, even with all additional options, feels more bare bones than either Kindle or Stanza, the last application I’ll watch at.


Stanza was the easiest to buy ebooks that any this is done directly by the application itself. In the main menu, you access the online catalog, which gives you access to a number of different shops and sites of free books. From each of these, you choose the directory you want to buy, it charges your iTunes account, will automatically download the requested book, and you’re ready to read.

The main menu that I found to be actually easier to navigate, because it has many options in front (to buy, books sorted in multiple ways, even things that you have read the most recent). Stanza does nothing that other applications can not do is just show it in a way a little easier. I will say there is a noticeable lag as App loads the book you want to read a book you’ve already purchased and downloaded, it is already on your device, but it seems to take a few moments to format . This same shift crop up when you switch from horizontal to vertical display, as the App adjusts the page you are. That said, there are still many options in choosing the font size (literally a sliding scale, as opposed to predefined size options), an almost infinite variety of color choices for background and text. I could adjust the font size much smaller in the stanza (as shown in the picture above) and still be able to read at the end of the page before it reaches dark.

So, each reader eBook Access has its advantages and disadvantages, but I found all to be easy to use and read books – and that’s really what it is. However, if I had to choose one, Stanza is the one I most often use and recommend.

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