EBook Readers and their little brothers and sisters

Ebook readers are now available from a number of manufacturers and in different formats for PCs, mobile phones and PDA systems. Two of the most popular ebook reader Amazon’s Kindle and Sony, although competition is increasing, mainly due to the failure of Amazon to dominate their niche by failing to provide the Kindle in the UK and in Europe until sales began Oct. 19, 2009. This policy has allowed competitors to knock on the door as Amazon offers authentic competitors.

Sony PDF PRS-505 and PRS-700 ebook reader, both smaller than the Kindle. Nevertheless, many prefer the Sony devices that are good to handle and easy to use, and where Amazon when marked with the broad range of titles they could offer, Sony starts compete.

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PRS users can download books from directories public domain, offering virtually free libraries, and libraries also have access to Google e-books. Add to that the growing number of books added by Sony and the Sony PRS now has many titles to offer which makes it less attractive price, and Google e-books has corrected its weakness once in technical books.

There is a big price difference between Sony and Amazon, Amazon products with prices at least $ 100 over the Sony offerings. Although the choice seems to be between these two, others are becoming more popular, and the COOL-ER began to interest many users because of its relatively low price. Retail $ 250, it is available cheaper from some online outlets, and price more than compensates for its lack of thread to listen, it offers a capacity of MP3s from an SD card -. Far superior to the text type Kindle speech sound robotic.

However, but it is much cheaper than the Kindle, the cool-er is about $ 50 less than the Sony, if 50 million is not important to you the Sony is the best by far because of its better appearance and ease of use. An additional setback for the Cool-er, is that his books can be expensive to download compared to others. Although, as noted in the article “” It was marketed as being compatible with all formats of electronic books, could not work with books in any store using the EPUB format, including its own eBook store which also allows her books to share (Readers of books). The Kindle also wins hands down on the battery life on these other two.

There is more competition for the Kindle that, however, not only because of the Sony eReader is the # 1 in Europe. The iLiad from iRex and Hanlin also assume greater popularity on the price. The iRex supports HTML, PDF, text formats and MOBI among others while the Hanlin is the ideal choice if you need an ebook reader with a broad range of -17 file formats in all, more 5 graphic formats and MP3.

However, if the range of formats is important BeBook has 25! Able with Mac and PC, it has a slot for SD memory card stores around 1000 pounds and can play MP3 files. BeBook is also loaded with 150 titles of classic books and the library offers BeBook about 20,000 downloads. His main problem is price, just $ 30 less than the Sony, and what it offers no guarantee that the choice if you need all those file formats. The Sony is technically and aesthetically superior.

There are more serious competition for all those on the horizon, though. Mobile devices are increasingly used as eReaders. Apple offers a free application to allow the iPhone to be used as an eReader. It is compatible with the Kindle, and also others such as Clickwheel Comic Reader, eReader and Stanza. Among these is the stanza ebook reader in general, and can compete with Kindle iPhone as a drive but it was bought by Amazon if its future is insecure.

The iPhone is not the only cell phone from which books can be read, however, and you can use any smart phone or even a PDA to read books. BlackBerry can be used with mobile and eReader Mobipocket format for Symbian smartphones is a free download, compatible with many models of Nokia and some Sony Ericsson models. Windows Mobile eReader is available free for Windows Mobile Smartphone and PocketPC, and the same thing for the Palm OS eReader. So, smart phone and computer users have the option of Palm eReaders free, and they are perfectly usable. They are clearly not reading, but are perfect for travel and for use on planes, trains and cars (as a passenger of course).

If you have one small and lightweight netbook, you can also use it as an ebook reader – in fact, these are so small they can be very serious, few competitors eReaders such as those currently provided by Kindle or Sony. A small computer fully functional and feature that doubles as an ebook reader could certainly cause serious harm to dedicated products, assuming that users are also required for smaller laptops. “

In conclusion, Kindle is always the dog’s high-end features if not look, with the Sony not too far behind because of its price. What becomes obvious is that cellphones are a good size enough for some readers (because they cost nothing), and the increasing size reduction PC ‘laptop’ has made this a serious competitor for eReaders .


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