eBook Reader to satisfy the most powerful Avid Bibliophile

In these days, almost everything in this world is fundamentally changed by digital technology, even reading. If you are still buying hardcover and paperback and you want them to travel with you, the move would not be as simple as that. But if you have your own electronic book reader, bring books anytime, anywhere is possible. You can even make thousands of books with you if you want. By performing along a portable electronic book reader, you can enjoy reading books, where you are and whenever you want. However, the challenge is finding the right e-book reader that suit your needs. If you choose the right eBook Reader, your experience in reading books will never be the same again.

While the e-book readers the most expensive come with more features, that does not necessarily make the best choice. After all, most of us want the basic features, like reading books, listening to music, watching videos, etc. The more you pay for the device, the best features you get. What is important for us is to find the perfect balance between price and features.

Besides price, a very important variable is the screen. Good displays are designed to give the user much the same experience as reading a paper book with less strain on the eyes. Different types of electronic book readers use different types of screens and want to make sure it does not wear out your eyes and can be read easily in most environments.

Another important to check is the compatibility of the file. Not all readers of electronic books over the same file formats. Different eBook readers support different file formats. This is a fundamental concern, yet many owners of e-book reader into account. For example, if you see often need to browse PDF files, make sure your gadget supports PDF files as some do not. It is imperative that you check the format of electronic books that you want to read your electronic book reader. If you do not want to read eBooks, so you can be lucky. But if you want to display the image, read books or MP3 audio, or even subscribe to RSS and magazines, then you should carefully check the file format and compatibility.

Another option that can really make or break the connectivity . Decide if you want an eBook reader that has 3G or WiFi capabilities, or a simpler without any connection. 3G will allow you to buy and download electronic books from anywhere you have a wireless signal. e-book readers will limit your download WiFi at home and places that offer WiFi service. More readers basic need to connect to a PC or Mac to download eBooks.

It really not much of a challenge to find the right eBook reader would be best for you. In this Internet age, all you have to do is go online. As the first online distributor of high technology electronic products from China, now offers a full range of electronic book readers. You can click on the link to see one of these gadgets.

Measuring 203 * 133 * 12 mm, this e-book reader Pocket companies use high-quality TFT screen that can provide vision relentlessly, no matter the light of day or night. It has a fast response time when browsing pages.

It is compatible with most file formats. For the text, it supports TXT, EPUB, FB2, HTML, PDB, PDF, DOC, and for video it supports MKV, AVI, RM, RMVB, VOB, DAT, MP4, FLV, 3GP and 720p for TTS, it supports TXT, HTML, etc. on.

As connectivity, you can enjoy the wireless experience with its Wi-Fi version, or simply download electronic books in its simplest version of non-connectivity.

It uses lithium-polymer battery for power. The battery can be charged either through a plug or USB. Once fully charged, it can allow 8 hours reading.


Besides all its magnificent features will satisfy most needs of an avid reader, what makes this e-book reader even more attractive is its affordability. You do not want to spend too much on these electronic gadgets continuously evolving. So order now from enough and your insatiable thirst for knowledge and books!

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