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, size does not matter. But most can not agree more, depending on where you want to make your ebook reader. If you plan to spend your time in the morning reading the newspaper or lay on the couch with your favorite novel, something like the Kindle DX can be perfect for you. You can receive magazine subscriptions automatically downloaded and you will enjoy reading them on the large screen of 9.7 inches. But if you’re a frequent traveler, the weight of such a player may not be suitable if you well.

The battery of a portable ebook reader is another critical element in choosing the best ebook reader for you. If you travel a lot, whether you like the most Kindle 2. You can read for days without charge, up to a month. By simply turning off WiFi, the days turn into weeks. If the battery life, or the price elsewhere, are not a problem for you, then you may be happy to invest $ 1000 on the touch screen and FLEPia incredible. But you will get about 40 hours on the battery. If you travel frequently, you’ll want to ensure you get a portable ebook reader can follow you.

Let not overlook a very important aspect of a player: the selection book, you can choose. Buying a new drive only to discover that you can not buy more recent novel by your favorite author is very frustrating. Sony maintains a library of about 100,000 books, while Amazon stocks more than 250,000. When you make your choice on the best ebook reader to buy, make sure you choose one that offers the library you want. Some eReaders will be compatible with a limited range of file types as well. If you already have a few ebooks, you want a player that can display them.

NEW Green iPearl mCover® High Grade Silicone Skin Cover Case for the Amazon Kindle 3 (3rd Generation Amazon Kindle eBook reader, 6-inch screen, WIFI or 3G)

  • Made of high-quality durable, washable, soft silicone material.
  • Custom designed to protect and fit the Kindle 3 perfectly
  • Use the charger, cable or headset without removing the skin or leather case
  • Prevent your Amazon kindle 3 from scratches and accidental drops
  • Lightweight to allow you to read comfortably for extended periods of time

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