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EBook readers for children have been largely ignored. The market for e-reader has grown by leaps and bounds, but the vast majority of devices have been designed for adults. Not a lot of thought seems to have been given to what is potentially an important market: children not only for children eBook readers seem attractive to parents, but schools in need of money would find it less costly provide electronic and print books -. at least once the initial expense of e-readers were met.

The problem with the Kindle and the Sony Reader is the size and color. They are not in the correct format for eBook readers attractive to children. The children want to color, and they want pictures, even if it is not outside the realm of possibility for such devices to also include the animation. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project created green and white is certainly more attractive to children, but the world he fights against economic problems and other setbacks. Although not originally conceived as an eBook reader, there is no reason why it can not be, and there are open source projects that could accelerate this usage.

It is perhaps a bit clumsy be used as a portable machine in the same manner as a Kindle, but it is a fully functional computer and do not put that advantage over dedicated e-readers at the table. However, there are problems, not the least of which is books. Although the OLPC computer can read PDF files, there were no books specifically formatted for that. Free public domain books are available through Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks. According to the article “” Gutenberg is a great source of e-books, if you’re looking for reading material on your e-reader, and books can be used to modify and republish such as yours, to provide free visitors to your site (eBook Reader). But how many of these ebooks are suitable for children’s education?


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Let that on hold for now and use it as a banker if nothing better shows up, and learn about what is available on the market. Moreover, the term market is another problem with the OLPC computer: they are intended for developing countries and are not counter. However, this may possibly be overcome, particularly if they are desperate to increase sales.


The have developed a clever offer in the form of AIPTEK, whose history of color book offers a number of stories that do not require an Internet connection. It is in the form of a book, with coverage of decline, and offers the real experience of reading a book. In addition to English, translations are available Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

This more like this eBook readers for children should be, and the price is on sale online at $ 179.99 U.S. and Chinese retailers TWD 6900. The books are priced at $ 4.99 to $ 9.99, and plans are to open stores in Europe and the United States. A great feature is the icon that appears suddenly after 20 minutes of time to read and tells the child to rest the eyes. It is in color and supports graphics and animations, and a number of formats of motion can be used.

However VTech Flip, even better, and is a true eBook reader for children. It is the children’s version of the Kindle, meals or drive from Sony, and is in color with illustrations and animations. One drawback is its size, with only a 4.3 inch screen, and he also built in touch pad and QWERTY so kids can have fun. However, the buffer can be used to look up words using the built-in dictionary, so it is educational and therefore allows for the possibility of distraction.

Vtech Flip offers a good range of books from Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse the story of Shrek and Toy, and can be downloaded or purchased as a cartridge. At only $ 60, is an incredible value, and not only help your children improve their reading skills but also their vocabulary and skills of the keyboard. It is certainly the best eBook readers for children yet.

Its main drawback is the small screen, but what can you expect from such a slow price. In all cases, children may prefer a smaller screen than be faced with a big screen full of words. Maybe not, but time will tell, because a product is very new and not yet on the shelves in the United States. Maybe when this is published it will be, but if not, you should be able to buy online. The OLPC can be removed from the pilot because it is not necessary -! Still

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