Ebook Reader Comparisons To Find The Best One For You

The Kindle about became equivalent to the phrase ‘ebook reader ‘. Truth is, there are far more options to pick one. For one, there is the Sony line of PDF readers. There’s also Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Kobo ebook reader. And the iPad. You will need Ebook Reader comparisons to find out which among these products would suit your needs and your financial position. So, the following is an Ebook Reader guide to help you find the best one.


This includes weight and dimensions. Dimensions barely matter in itself ; except when you do not like anything bulky. After all , you can easily adjust the font size so it would not matter if you a slightly littler screen. However , some file layouts like PDF works better in devices such as the Amazon Kindle DX, which happens to be some inches broader than its opposite numbers. Some ebook readers eg the Sony Pocket Edition and the Astak Pocket Pro weigh only six oz while some like The Kindle and the Sony PRS-600 weighs around eleven oz. If you’re intending to do lots of dragging around, you are going to need one that’s straightforward to carry.

Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Pouch Case (Map w/Pocket)

  • Designed to fit the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader
  • Padded with premium shock absorbing double memory foam.
  • Four internal straps to hold and secure your device in place both when closed and opened.
  • Lightweight, slim, and compact design for easy portability and access.
  • Comes with an additional front pocket to store your charger and other small accessories.


You may also need to have a look at features related to device support, memory, display and navigation ( touchscreen or keyboard ). You may want one with files which you can get access to using other gadgets like iPads and Android phones thru the installation of applications. You also need to look at the ebook reader’s memory. You would need one with decent capacity. Memory ranges from 512 MB to 4GB. Ebook readers typically use the e-ink technology, apart from the Pandigital Novel reader which uses TFT-LCD. Another device that has LCD technology which can also be utilized for e-book reading is the iPad. If you’re about to do lots of reading, it is best that you go for this with minimum glare, which is mostly the case with ereaders employing e-ink technology.

Battery life-span

This is one of the most important aspects that you can look at, when you go visit internet sites for e-book reader comparisons. You would not want to lose battery right smack in the climax of a good book. If you’re going to bring it along for a lengthy trip, battery time would also matter. In product catalogs, battery charge lifespan is generally stated in pages. Some batteries run out at 7,500 page turns and some runs out at 9000 pages.


Yet another important aspect to have a look at would be the content-related info. Under this category is the information about the file layouts supported, as well as the ebook reader’s net capabilities. You may want one that has 3G connectivity, such as the Kindle and the Kindle DX, especially if you’re always looking for new stuff to download and read. Some units, such as the Bebook Neo, the Sony Reader PRS-600 and the BtN Nook, have WiFi connectivity ( the second is also 3G able ), which, while not permitting your ebook reader to attach independently, can connect to WiFi centers, for example those in Starbucks.

With these e-book reader comparisons, you surely now have an idea about the players in the e-book reader market. Begin to look at ebook readers re directions, features, battery life and content and you’ll soon find one that would suit your wants or needs perfectly.


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