Cybook Gen3 ebook reader review

The Cybook ebook or also known as Gen3 eBook reader is made for easy reading and the device itself is ideally suited because it is lightweight, ultra thin and completely portable. The screen reduces eyestrain all because it has a screen like a paper. It is also quite capable of operating in all light conditions because it does not flicker bursts. It has characteristics and attributes:

? A six-inch E-ink Vizplex. This distinction has Vizplex better screen than the E-Ink technology is old and possibly outdated.
? Very light, since its total weight is only 6.13 ounces When compared with the latest Sony Reader PRS-505, Sony eReader weighs over 3 ounces
? Its range can reach up to 8,000 page turns between those necessary changes.
? Cybook Gen3 has eNews plus the ability to read RSS feeds.

This unit is also capable in storing files is supported by the known formats like TXT, PalmDoc, HTML and PDF. In addition, they can download and store up to 1,000 eBooks Mobipocket. Using such an encryption system, it will offer users access to volumes of Cybook eBooks that are copyrighted and regarded as having more catalogs in the world. Because of these electronic ink displays, Cybook Gen3 have a life cycle of the impressive battery that can last up to 2 months in average conditions. Not only that, Cybook are very responsive and highly developed user interface allows you to perform many hosts of possible actions. These procedures will only take a few seconds to end the use of its superior navigation keys, and with two buttons on the front of the rest of Cybook part.

Overall, Cybook Gen3 ebook reader is indeed a real player in the race ebooks. Its innovative features that can not be seen in their competitors are impressive and beautiful. Go get a feel for its lightweight design and know how easy it is to use! Highly recommended!
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