Cutting Edge Touch Edition Most Important Kobo Ereader To date

Top challenger emerges from Canada. Kobo reviews of the newly released eReader Touch Edition show that the newest Kobo Ereader has closed the gap with Amazon’s front running Kindle 3. The recently launched Kobo Ereader Touch is a serious contender for top spot.

Kobo Ereaders have never been confused about what they want to be. And while other makers are talking about adding animation and colour screens, Kobo Ereader has stuck to its founding concept with the Touch edition.

They have built the smallest, lightest and lowest cost touch screen eReader on the market and made it one of the most comfortable and intuitive ways to read a book or virtually any document.

You will not be using it to watch movies. But you will find it brings you a new and exciting way of reading electronically that, frankly, you’ll hardly notice.

Throw it in your beach bag or stick it in your back pocket. You will have all you need.

Here is what reviews say users like about the newest Kobo Ereader: the fast responding touch screen, small size and light weight, a place indicator bar that lets you jump around,and 7 bundled type fonts with the option of downloading more yourself.

Not so much: battery life one month tops, screen display can show ghost images, “swipe” page turns require two hands

Best priced Touch screen reader

The Kobo Touch is listed at $139 Canadian ($129US) making it the lowest priced touch screen ereader and it also weighs the least at 200 grams ( 7.05 oz).

It has a lot of functionality, is easy to use and comfortable to hold. Kobo reviews to date say this the easiest e-reader to hold in one hand and the touch screen navigating is simple and responsive.

You can open a book or turn a page by tapping and you can also swipe to turn a page. You can drag to highlight text although this does not work with all book formats. In PDFs, double-tap zooms you into a page or out of it.

The page refreshes faster than the previous Kobo Wi Fi and with less flicker. The contrast is outstanding from the 6-inch e-Ink Pearl screen.

There is so much to compare in the latest generation of e-readers that you really need to take the time to go through them all. We have made that a little easier for you here by giving you a comprehensive, side-by-side rundown of the two most popular, the Kobo Ereader and the Kindle Wi-Fi.

Access 2.3 million books

Wireless connectivity means you can shop and add books in seconds directly from your Kobo Touch. The Kobo ereader supports EPUB, PDF files, and e-book lending from your local library (Adobe DRM).

There is a sliding power button along the top and a single home key centre below the screen. The base unit comes with 1GB of storage, enough for 1,000 titles, and you can build that up to 32GB. There is also a USB port for downloading items from your computer and the battery is rated at one month between charges.

Most Kobo reviews say the Kobo Ereader concept philosophy scores major points with “people who read books” by being open and global in outlook. Kobo Books was originally spun out of Chapters in Canada (which remains majority owner) and now offers over 2.3 million eBooks to browse in over 200 countries!

Catering to readers can be seen in an upgraded choice of seven type fonts, each in 15 sizes, bundled in the unit. You can also download your own type choices. This is the most of any ereader.

If you are interested in more information about ereaders in general, as well as specs of other models, you can look here what is an ebook in Wikipedia.

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