Compare eBook Readers – New Kindle 3, Sony PRS 600 and other

You must not stop comparing the e-book readers before buying the new aircraft. There are so many features that you need to know to make your reading experience more enjoyable. So let’s get into some of these features of the Sony PRS 600, the new Amazon Kindle 3 and that of Barnes & Nobles Corner.

Sony: Better support for a wider variety of books

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HappyZone – Sony ebook Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 (Clear) Rubberized Skin Case Cover + Screen Protector + Fishbone Style Keychain

  • Custom made to fit your Sony PRS-600 Ebook-Reader.
  • Great for protecting your Reader from minor scratches and dirt.
  • Provides a comfortable grip to prevent slipping.
  • High quality materials will help to maintain the condition of your Reader.
  • Screen Protector includes lint cleaning cloth. Clear, ultra thin and durable. Protect your screen from scratches.

Compatible with Sony PRS-600 E-Reader Touch Edition. This item includes one skin case, one screen protector and one light blue fishbone style keychain.

HappyZone – Sony ebook Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 (Clear) Rubberized Skin Case Cover + Screen Protector + Fishbone Style Keychain

There are many intelligent readers like Sony PRS 600, which are worthy of mention in a series of characteristics such as weight reduction and better viewing. But the featurs that makes this device stand out from others is its compatibility with multiple software applications, such as Adobe and Sony BBeB ePub. This allows you to download and read eBooks from a variety of sources. The lack of wireless capability could be something that worries some. However, additional features such as the installation of the touch screen and MP3 player makes this question, we must take into account the readers. Amazon Kindle

The 3: better reading experience

Compare e-book readers to know about the players that offers a great reading experience, but also has a stylish design. The new Kindle 3 became more mobile, lighter, thinner and smaller, which greatly improved the readability. Kindle

3 allows social networks, has a rate of 60 second book, focusing on features, access to 3G the Kindle Store, multi-platform data exchange and 3G access to more than 100 countries. Improvements were made in three teams Kindle made more reliable, user friendly and easy to carry.

Corner: Add color

Is where Barnes & Noble NOOK excels compared to e-book readers. With a 6 inch screen, which has a comfortable viewing, even if you spend several hours reading. The function that attracts you is the ability to allow different formats, including EPUB, PDF and PA, with a variety of graphics formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF. Provides access to wireless networks, has a touch screen and mp3 player.


Comparing the e-book readers, you may assume that there are certain characteristics that are almost common, such as image resolution. The battery life is two weeks in the Sony and Kindle. As for the contrast function, the 3 Kindle scores a bit higher than Sony. In general, one should prefer an eBook which has a peak performance, without costing you a lot. Also, keep in mind the aspect of compatibility with different look formats.


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