Best Kindle Paperwhite Covers and Cases

With your new ordered Kindle Touch, you should get the best Kindle Paperwhite covers and cases.  You may ask which one I should order as there are so many options in the market. Sometimes too many options are not good for us, too much thinking and consideration.

The Kindle Touch ereader is a good device that ably serves the purpose for which it is designed. However, the large touch screen is vulnerable to scratches and damage, as is the case. The answer to this problem is a Kindle Touch cover, specially designed to protect your valuable device.

I. What are Kindle Paperwhite covers?

They are similar to the covers you can buy for a touch screen phone, but sized for the Kindle Paperwhite. Only a cover designed for the specific device should be used, as a cover that is too large will give little protection and one that is small may damage the device itself.

Many covers and cases of Kindle Paperwhite are made of leather, but they can also be plastic or fabric. They have a front ‘flip’ opening to allow the Touch to be read without taking it out of the case.

What are the best Kindle Paperwhite Cover and Case?

Best Kindle Touch Covers and Cases

Best Kindle Touch Covers and Cases

Here are some of my best picks for your reference, there are more models available at Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Cover page.

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

This Leather cover is designed by Amazon exclusively. The premium quality, well-fit leather cover is a perfect buddy of your Kindle Paperwhite.

Magnetic clasp keeps your Paperwhite secure without a strap. Amazon claims it is the thinnest and lightest one in the market.

Check out which one fits you the best: Black, Ink Blue, Orange, Purple, and Brown.

2. Marware Atlas Kindle Paperwhite Cover (Our Best Sellers) 

Marware is a well-known brand designing accessories for Kindle and various brand gadgets. This stylish one is made of fabric and has elastic strap to keep your Touch Kindle secure. Choose the color from Black, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink.

Marware Atlas Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover

Marware Atlas Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover

3. Marware Eco-Flip for Kindle Touch Cover

Are you looking for those stand style cover? This is one of those.  Marware Eco-Flip has a flip style cover that is durable and you could start reading right after flipping the cover. The cover converts into a STAND so your Kindle Touch can stand by itself and you could have “hand off” reading on your table. How cool is it?

Marware Eco-Flip for Kindle Touch Cover

Marware Eco-Flip for Kindle Touch Cover

4. Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover

With the limited budget, I probably will go with Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover because it’s only $35 but it has durable leather exterior looking high class and built-in hand strap is my favorite. The elastic strap is handy wrapping it closed. It’s a Certified “Made for Kindle” accessory.

It is available in black, brown, and pink. Laddies, pink would be something special and stand-out that you may consider.

Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover Front View

Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover Front View

Marware Eco Vue for Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover

Marware Eco Vue for Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover

2012 Kindle Touch has been sold out, but you are still able to buy the Kindle Touch Cover protecting your Touch eReader.

1. Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover (Our Best Seller)

Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover LED

Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover LED


Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover is designed and sold by Amazon exclusively. The sleek, premium quality, form-fitted leather cover is a perfect buddy of your Kindle Touch. This cover is a great marriage to your new eReader, it’s lightweight, thin, and functional as a reading light attached.

The LED light draws the power from the ebook reader so no extra batteries or charge is required. It fits so well and folds back for nice one-handed reading. Black, Purple, Green, and Brown Colors are available for your pick.


Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover

Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover

2. Kindle Touch Leather Cover

If you normally don’t read at dark and need the lightened one, Amazon Kindle Touch Leather Cover would be a great choice. It’s pretty much the same comparing to Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover except that there is no light and it saves you $20. Sleek design protecting your Kindle Touch, Premium look and feel, and Folding back cover are the highlight benefits. It’s fitting extremely well as it’s designed by Amazon.

Same color options as the lighted one such as black, brown, purple, and green.

Kindle Touch Leather Cover, Wine Purple

Kindle Touch Leather Cover, Wine Purple

Kindle Touch Leather Cover

Kindle Touch Leather Cover

II. Why Do I Need To Get a Kindle Cover?

The primary purpose of a case or cover is to protect the touch screen. As touch screens are vulnerable to damage, shielding them makes sense. An Kindle Touch case has the added value of changing the device’s appearance to match your personal style.

All Kindle Touch covers, however, will protect your screen and extend the life of your Kindle, making them a worthwhile advantage.

In case you have Kindle Fire and looking for covers for Kindle Fire, see our best kindle fire cover recommendations here.

To buy a new kindle cover or case, one shall consider these:

  • Price – What is my budget? Would I spend another $50 for a Kindle case?
  • Color – What is my favorite color? Is it available as a Kindle Touch cover?
  • Look and Feel – Does it look cool and fit to me when I carry it around at Coffee Shop and Library?
  • Durability – Is the external material durable and long-lasting as my Kindle Touch?
  • Additional Features – Does it have other special feature such as built-in hand-strip and cover stand that I need?
  • Lighted or not – Do I read in the dark and need to have a lighted cover?
  • Water Proof – Do I need water proof feature?

III. What To Consider When Buying an eReader Cover?

* Durability. Leather is one of the more durable materials, but high impact plastic is also good for heavy users. A cloth case, however, would be shorter.

* Lighting. It is possible to get a Kindle Touch cover with a built-in reading light. This option is expensive, increasing the cost of the case significantly. However, as Kindles do not have backlit screens, lighting is needed to read in the dark. This is also a good option for frequent flyers who may wish to read without disturbing a neighbor.

* Appearance. You want a cover that matches your personal style. Perhaps a plain black one to look more professional, or a hot pink one to match your favorite outfit. You can even buy cases that look like a print book.

* Feel. Does the case feel good in your hands? Do you want warm leather or cool plastic with good grip.

* Hand straps and stands. Do you want a stand that props your Kindle up at a good reading angle? Or a hand strap to make it easier to carry.

* Waterproof. Are you worried about carrying your Kindle around in the rain and snow? Depending on where you live, investing in a waterproof Kindle cover might be quite desirable.

* Price. Covers and cases come in all price levels for all budgets. What can you afford? What is the best value? Not buying features you don’t need is the best way to keep the price of your Kindle Touch cover down.

Kindle Touch covers are an investment to protect a high value and somewhat vulnerable device. Buying one will save you money in the long term and the right one can also improve the usability and personal value of your Kindle Touch.

In Summary, everyone has our own Best Kindle Touch Cover and Case in mind. It all depends on your budget, preference, and what you need the most. To see other Kindle Touch covers, hop over to Amazon Cover Catalog for more choices.

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