Best Selling Kindle Paperwhite Cases and Covers

Amazon’s latest offering in the ebook market is its Paperwhite reader, you should get the best Kindle Paperwhite cover and case with it. This is similar to the Pearl E ink system in that you can read it in direct sunlight, but the added advantage to this system is that you can also use it in the dark thanks to its backlit screen. It now makes it the ultimate ebook reader. But if you are getting one, it’s still very advisable to consider one of the Kindle Paperwhite covers that are available for it.

What are Kindle Paperwhite Covers?

Simply, they are cases that you place your device in. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather, plastic and even silicon. The bottom of the range tends to be simple silicon sleeves that encase the device, leading up to some nice top of the range leather type folio cases.

Here’s a selection of what’s currently available for Kindle Paperwhite covers.

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

(Our Best Seller)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

This smart cover is available in six nice colors, including fucia, honey and onyx. It is the thinnest cover available, and is Amazon’s official release. It has a magnetic clasp system that offers two functions. The first is to hold the cover closed with the Kindle within. The second use is to automatically put the device to sleep, or wake it up when the cover is opened. This provides instant access to your device.

It has a nice soft interior to protect your Kindle, while the exterior is a beautiful soft leather.

2. Marware jurni Kindle Case Cover

Marware jurni Kindle Case Cover

Marware jurni Kindle Case Cover

This cover is a little bulkier, but offers great protection. Its closing mechanism is by a zip, and this only adds to the security of the Paperlight.

It features an interior hand strap which allows you to hold the device in one hand easily. It has a strong nylon and soft exterior fabric, while the interior is a micro suede that really holds your device well.

3. Marware Eco-Vue Genuine Leather Case Cover

Marware Eco-Vue Genuine Leather Case Cover for Kindle

Marware Eco-Vue Genuine Leather Case Cover for Kindle

Finally, back to leather, and this cover certainly looks professional. Available in three colors, this durable leather with micro suede interior folio case certainly looks the part.

It has an interior pocket for storing cards and the like, while the interior strap makes for easier handling when reading.

It’s a great budget cover, but it still looks good and protects your Paperwhite Kindle very well.

4. Vera Bradley Cover for Kindle

Vera Bradley Cover for Kindle

Vera Bradley Cover for Kindle

Next up in this series of Kindle Paperwhite covers is this funky design of cover. Available in four different designs, this cover is for the person wishing to make more of a statement to the world about what they are carrying.

It has a sturdy exterior that helps give your device the protection it needs, while the interior micro suede really keeps scratches off.

The Vera Bradley range has been around for some 30 years, providing travelers around the globe with high statement designed luggage and the like. Bring your Kindle to this world.

Why Do I Need to Get A Paperwhite Cover?

Kindle Paperwhite cases are used to protect your device. If you have a cover on and you drop or bump your device against something, then the cover will protect it better than if it didn’t have one on. Furthermore, the cases can also add more functionality to the device, such as acting as stand alone stands. On the Kindle Fire HD, the cases are even used to automatically wake up and put to sleep the device.

What to Consider When Buying One

You really need to think how you will be using your Paperwhite Kindle. Will you be traveling with it, or taking it outside frequently? If so, then a better quality cover should be considered. If you mean to only use it around the house, then a lesser one can be used. But of course, you can even use the cover as a fashion or style statement, as there will be some quite nice designs coming out (if previous Kindle covers are anything to go by).

So already there’s a good selection of Kindle Paperwhite covers available, have a look, see what suits your needs the best, but do be sure to get one. Protecting your device with a good cover is one of the most important accessories you will need.

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