Best Kindle 4 Covers and Cases

You may be excited about getting your Kindle 4 soon. How could you get my new Kindle 4 protected and lasted longer? It’s time to get a nice Kindle 4 cover. Also you could have more personality into the appearance of the eReader.

Top 3 things you should consider when getting your Kindle 4 Case:

1. Price – how much would I afford as Kindle 4 is only $79?

2. Color – Is my favorite color available? e.g. mine is deep blue.

3. Lighted – Do I need a lighted one so I could read in the dark?

What are the best Kindle 4 Cover and Case?

These are the current best Kindle 4 Cover Sellers and you should consider them first.

1. Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle


Marware Eco Vue for Kindle Cover

Marware Eco Vue for Kindle Cover

This is “made for Kindle” certified – must fit in your Kindle 4. The folio-style is durable and made of eco-friendly leather. Its soft microsuede interior keeps your Kindle screen protected. My favorite feature is the built-in hand strap that you could grip and hold it when reading on your Kindle. Available colors are blackbrown, and pink.

2. Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

This is designed by Amazon and you will love the stylish premium leather cover. Inside, the soft microfiber protects the e-ink screen from scratches.

Its integrated LED reading light lightens across the entire screen. No batteries are required because it draws the power directly from the eReader with two small connectors.

Available Colors are Black, Brown, Green, and Purple.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover


3. Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle

Belkin makes various gadget accessories and pretty well-known. This leather cover is stylish and only costs right below $30. Its magnetic enclosure would keep your fit tight inside. Black and Purple are in your choice.

Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle

Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle

4. Marware Altas Kindle Cover

Marware Atlas Kindle Cover

Marware Atlas Kindle Cover

Marware Atlas Kindle Cover is Amazon certified for Kindle Accessory. It has corner straps so it would hold your Kindle tight in place. I really like its exterior soft fabric. The feeling is just different from the other Leather Kindle Covers. Also it has my loved feature – built-in interior hand strap – gripping my Kindle is much easier. Color-wise, you could pick from beige, black, charcoal, and pink.


In Summary, with a decent budget, you should get the best Kindle 4 cover and caseprotecting your Kindle. It covers your Kindle away from dust, is easy for carrying around, and shows your personality.

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