Best iPhone 4S Review

Are you considering about getting iPhone 4S and looking for the best iPhone 4S Review? Big surprise today! iPhone 5 4S has been longed more than a year and today, Apple announced its sibling iPhone 4S. I know it’s kind of disappointing and shame that there is no iPhone 5. :)

Best iPhone 4S review

Best iPhone 4S review

As many rumors mentioned it gonna be fast A5 processor thinner, and has a bigger screen and better 8MP camera hot mobile phone for 2011. My dream is over to have a bigger screen (4 inch at least) and thinner iPhone in my pocket this Christmas.

Your iPhone 4S rocks with Reminders. I organize with my to-do-list all the time and it’s handy to have a reminder on my phone.

iPhone 4S Reminders

iPhone 4S Reminders


The camera app is as powerful as your compact digital camera. Double-tapping on the home button and you can take a pic instantly. No more home screen to launch the camera route anymore.

iCloud let you store your content such as photos, videos, contacts, calendar events, documents, ibooks and sync to push to all your iDevices wirelessly. Yes, no USB cable is involved. Your purchased apps are easily re-downloaded across iOS devices. Who said you need to buy multiple copies on iPhone and iPad anymore? iCloud rocks and it’s FREE.

iPhone 4S iCloud

iPhone 4S iCloud

5GB free storage for Mail, Docs, and backup is a little bit disappointing. I mostly need to pay much more storing all my good stuff in the cloud.

The shared location in Map is not my cup of tea. Why would I share my location and let others especially my wife to track where I am? It would be a great feature to track my kids though with iStalking ;)

iPhone 4S Price

In case you have iPhone 3G or 3GS, you would consider iPhone 4 8Gb for $99. iPhone 4S is newer and better, but I’d save that money for buying music and apps in the AppStore.

iPhone 4S prices

iPhone 4S prices

What is the reason to upgrade to iPhone 4S?

If you have iPhone 3GS or earlier model, go and upgrade to iPhone 4S. For iPhone 4 users, you may loss the desire to get the latest one unless you love taking pics a lot with your iDevice.

Is iPhone 4S a big disappointment to you?

Indeed, this is how I was feeling when reading the live blog. Dude, I have been holding on my iPhone upgrade and skip iPhone
4. Why have I been waiting for so long? I was wishing iPhone 5 has bigger screen. I am envy of my folks with Droid X and HTC Desire (4.3 inch crystal clear screen, man!) Also if I have iPhone 4S, could people tell the difference comparing to iPhone 4? Who cares? I may go ahead and grab the latest 4G Android phone and enjoy big screen and 4G speed. Screw you, iPhone 4S!

iOS 5 wasn’t new. iPhone 4S isn’t revolutionary as we are longing for. New apps and features are great and so what?

In conclusion, every some iPhone owners should may upgrade to iPhone 4S as this is the best in the iPhone family history. One could pre-order this 4S starting this friday, Oct 7th and it will be available on October 14th. Hope this iPhone 4S Review is what need only as a purchase or upgrade guide.

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