What are the Best Free Kindle Books?

The Kindle is the original and best ebook reader range on the market, and has a variety of different models available depending on budget and requirements. In all, there are six different versions of the Kindle from the basic ebook reader up to the tablet like Kindle Fire. If you have one of those, you may be interested in knowing what the best free Kindle books are?

This is the Kindle’s strength, the variety of choice of models, but did you realise there are also many books which can be downloaded direct from Amazon for no charge? These ebooks are available to be downloaded and read instantly.

What are Free Kindle Books?

Best Free Kindle Books

Best Free Kindle Books

When browsing through Amazon’s ebook range, you may come across books with zero dollar price next to them. These are the free books they have on offer. You will still need to have an Amazon account to download them, but they appear as a zero dollar transaction on your Amazon account.

You may not have a Kindle eReader to read them. That’s ok, you could download and read them on your iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and even on your PC Desktop and Mac.

Kindle books for free appear in many sections on the Amazon ebook site, in fiction, non fiction, and very extensively under the classics section.

Best Free Kindle Books by Section

1. Best Seller Kindle Books

This is the first section you will want to try, because this is the section that highlights the most popular books. Popular books tend to be the best, hence the term best sellers. The front page of this section gives two lists of the top 100 of both the best paid and free books.

The current top 5 are (As is 5/1/2012)

The Dead Room by Robert Ellis – A great thriller beginning with a woman brutally murdered in her own home and put on graphic display. A heart chilling serial murder case ensues.

The Good Lawyer by Thomas Beningo – Based on a true story, it follows the events of a defense lawyer with a perfect record, only to be met with his greatest challenge of all – to confront his mafia past, save a city or to keep his principles and lose everything else.

Almost a Bride by Patricia McLinn – The first of the Wyoming Wildflowers series, Matty returns to the place she had her heart broken, and seeks to marry the man who had broken it. She does this to save her family’s ranch. But what more does life have in store for her?

Stolen Crown by Susan Higginbotham – A novel mixed with historical fact with fiction during the Wars of the Roses in England sees a secret Queen to an English king that becomes a tale of treachery, danger and love.

Heaven’s Rage by Tiffany Craig Brown – A tale of murder, a series of suspects, and a history of four women suspected of the crime.

2. Kindle Popular Classics

These are the old classics from authors such as Dickens, Austen, Conan Doyle and so on. There are literally hundreds to choose from, and will provide anyone with an interest in English literature thousands of hours of completely free reading.

3. Kindle Non Fiction

There are also many free non fiction ebooks available to download. The Bible is probably the most popular one (everyone should have a copy of this, religious or not, just for reference), recipe books, dog training, and more.

Amazon have provided a great library available to all Kindle readers everywhere, for them to very quickly have a good size ebook library to choose from. There are free books amongst every category of ebooks on the Amazon site, with the top free Kindle books being in the best sellers section.

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