Best Ebook Reader for Android

Which one is the Best Ebook Reader for Android? I believe you have an Android smartphone or tablet and love to read your favorite ebooks on it. There are many digital book reader application in Android Market.

My favorite is Adobe Reader. You could download pdf ebooks in browser, simple click the url link; by the time it’s done download, you could select Adobe Acrobat Reader. In the View Mode Option in the reader, you could select different text flow such as

  • Fit to Screen
  • Continuous Scroll
  • Reflow Text

Reflow Text is always my favorite as the text is flow based on your screensize. You will have better “easy” font for reading your loved book. Adobe Reader is free for download. Why not give a shot in Android Market?

Besides Adobe Reader, Kindle application is one of the best ebook reader for Android. You may not have the physical Kindle ebook reader besides your phone or touch screen tablet. Probably one device handheld is enough. Simple Download Kindle for Android, download a sample book or register yourself an account and buy an Kindle book РNew York Times Bestseller is only $9.99 most of them.

Finally, Google Books is the last digital reader you should have on your phone. You could select nearly 3 million free books. Free books, why not? Give it a shot and let us know if you like it or not. With Google Books, you could read your purchased ebooks across Android devices.

In Conclusion, there are many free ebook apps in Market. The above three are the best Ebook Reader for Android. Go and Download them in Market now.

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