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EBook Readers Comparison and tablets

The recent rise ebook readers and the emergence of the Apple iPad has generated interest in other mobile gadgets as cell phones. Although the difference between the ebook reader and tablet has been somewhat compromised, in fact, both devices are very different. The fundamental difference between a

eBook Reading Devices – Features

Picking the most efficient handheld ebook reader isn’t very challenging at all, it just takes some time to check into the range of capabilities each brand gives you and then going for the most beneficial type of handheld ebook reader for you. You will need to contemplate

Amazon’s Leading Role In The E-Book Market Continues

At the end of the 2010 festive season, when the sales returns are tallied up, there seems little doubt that the Kindle reader will have enjoyed another record breaking year. Even without the introduction of a touch sensitive, the release of the Kindle 3 in the autumn of