Amazon’s Kindle Reader Keeps Selling Well

Some months ago, Amazon announced that they were selling more Kindle books than hardbacks.Now they have advised that their Kindle books are outselling paperbacks. It can only be a matter of time before Kindle book sales are higher than both hardbacks and paperbacks combined.

It has a certain air of inevitability when you think about it.Anyone who is prepared to pay over $ 100 for an e-book reader is probably going to be the type of person who reads a good number of books, surely? Of course, there will always be some book lovers who prefer the feel of a traditional printed book – but, by and large, we do seem to be heading towards a situation where e-books assume more and more importance in the book market.

There is certainly a good selection of Kindle books available for buyers to choose from.Currently there are in excess of 800,000 Kindle books to choose from on Amazon’s website. This number is growing every day – and there are an additional 1.8 million out of copyright books which can be downloaded for free. These include titles by authors such as Jules Verne, Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare to name but a few.

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Amazon has also released a variety of free apps to allow Kindle books to be read without the need for a Kindle reader. These exist for the PC, the Mac, the Apple iPad, the iPod Touch, the Blackberry smart phone and any device which runs Android. A new app the the latest HP tablet computer is rumored to be in development. This means that users have no need to worry about their Kindle becoming obsolete. Each app also serves as an extra sales outlet for Amazon.

Estimates put Amazon’s share of the current e-book market at approximately 90%. That’s not sustainable in the long term and industry experts are suggesting that we will see a three way split between Google, Apple and Amazon – of roughly equal proportions – by 2015. However, many of those same analysts predicted that the launch of Apple’s iPad would be the death of the Kindle, and they didn’t exactly get that right did they?

In point of fact, the latest third generation Kindle reader is selling more quickly than ever before. It was Amazon’s best selling product (again) during the 2010 Christmas sales period, and the Kindle has now been Amazon’s best selling item for eighteen months. On the basis of recent sales trends, the forecast Kindle sales for 2011 has been raised from 5 million to 8 million. Whilst some rationalisation of the market seems certain in future, there is little sign of the dominance of Amazon’s Kindle reader diminishing significantly in the short to medium term.

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