Amazon Look Forward To Record Sales Figures Thanks To The New Kindle 3

The festive sales season is the most critical point in any retailer’s year. More than 30 to 40% of annual sales can be made in the few weeks leading up to Christmas. From Amazon’s perspective, the 2010 festive season was a very important period for various reasons over and above the annual sales surge.

Amazon’s Kindle 2.0 reader, which launched in February of 2009, and which had already proven to be a hugely successful product for Amazon, became the online retail giant’s most gifted, most wished for product ever and – most important of all – Amazon’s number one selling item. It has been Amazon’s top selling product ever since.

Amazon actually sold more Kindle books than traditional printed books for the first time ever on Christmas day of 2010. This would almost certainly have been influenced by those lucky people who received a Kindle as a Christmas gift trying out their Kindles by logging on to the Amazon website and downloading one or two Kindle books. Many of these would almost certainly have been free Kindle books (there are 1.8 million of these to choose from).

However, it was still a very good achievement for Amazon and a sign of things to come. At the moment, Amazon regularly sells more Kindle books than hardback books – by a factor of 180 to 100. It looks like it will be no more than a matter of time before Kindle book sales outstrip paperback sales as well. $9.99 for most of Kindle books is a killer. Buyers could be able to download and read their books in a minute.

In the autumn of 2010, Amazon unveiled their upgraded Kindle 3 reader. There were a number of technical upgrades – including increased memory (enough space for 3,500 Kindle books), an improved e-ink technology display with higher contrast and a smaller and lighter casing. Amazon also unveiled their new, base level Wi-Fi only Kindle – which sells for just $ 139. The 3G plus Wi-Fi model sells for $ 189 – which is still a lot less than the original $359 ticket price of the Kindle 2.0.

With a $ 139 entry level price the Kindle is pretty close to being an impulse buy for many. You might expect to pay a fair bit more for something like a mid level mp3 player or a mobile phone!

Despite the launch of the Apple iPad – widely hailed as a “Kindle Killer” – the Kindle 3 quickly became the fastest selling Kindle to date. Almost inevitably Amazon ran out of Kindles (for about the umpteenth time) and customers had to wait – for up to five weeks at one point – before they could get their hands on their new readers.

The Kindle was already the market’s top selling e-book reader. The improved Kindle 3 widened the gap between Amazon’s reader and the rest of the pack even further. The very fact that main competition to the Kindle comes in the shape of a tablet computer which costs over three times as much as the Kindle speaks volumes.

Amazon must surely be looking forward to another set of record breaking festive season sales figures for their newly updated Kindle reader. It will be interesting to see if (when) Kindle stocks run out once again in the run up to Christmas. At the moment, customers are limited to a maximum of three Kindles each – surely a sign of Amazon’s confidence in their flagship product. It looks like the Kindle is going to be a big hit for Amazon over the Christmas 2010 season once more.

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