Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader PRS 3?

In general, both Kindle and Sony Reader have some similar technologies in terms of technologies have to know the E Ink screen, sort of processor, memory and storage methods storage medium such as flash memory cards. Each can help readability related features zoom and built-in fonts. Sony and Amazon are also considered early pioneers in providing e-book readers solutions. With increasing competition, the differences between the Kindle and Sony Reader Ebook also be obvious.

Let’s talk about each function together.


Weight – Sony Book Reader Kindle weighs 7.76 ounces good 3 weighs 8.7 ounces. This may be due to the smaller measure 5-inch Sony Reader has shown that that is a much better portability here.

Storage – Kindle 3 with more than 4 GB built in memory can store about ten times more than the Sony ebook reader may take or 3500 pounds Kindle vs. Sony 350 ebooks.

Measurement screen – Reader has a smaller size piece of 5 inches compared to Amazon Kindle 3. Thus, you will need to determine if portability is more important that the readability of your reading needs.

Grayscale – Kindle 3 has a better quality of top screen with 16 channels compared to 8 levels proposed by Sony Reader.

Battery – Kindle 3 can operate for nearly a month, even if Reader can only work about 2 weeks. This is supposed to free wireless connection or WiFi 3G.

Connectivity – Kindle supports wireless two and 3G wireless connection, although Sony Ebook Reader USB2.0 can service. With WiFi and 3G wireless integrated functions are essential for accessibility reasons. The Kindle can be used alone, without any personal computer. It contains a 3G EVDO cellular connection to the Internet via Sprint. Amazon Kindle 3 provides the function of Whispernet, no Internet access and cost free Wikipedia. On the other hand, a reader from Sony does not have this key function wirelessly. IT Savvy viewers will not come through Sony useful mainly because you have to download the guides in your drive before hand. For the Kindle, you can purchase textbooks when you want or let them free to your Kindle shop.

File Forms – Kindle 3 supports more beloved types of files such as HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, MOBI, PRC, AA, AAX and MP3. Sony Reader only supports a few file types that includes ePub, Word, RTF, BBeB.

Text To Speech – Kindle 3 can act as this impressive public support for reading at any time and from anywhere, even when the user is traveling or on foot. What the user needs to do is to allow the text mode of discourse and taken his headphones in your ears for audio reading.

Resize text content – viewers can also book e content service function.
text resize

Sync on multiple devices – Sony is the only player Ereader property for forms help file. Kindle Kindle 3 with its free implementation can support other devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, PC and Mac.

Colors – Sony eReader has different colors like blue, pink and silver while the Kindle has three white and graphite assortment.

Other features: 3 a Kindle element of protection against shocks that allows it to absorb the impact of falling. Kindle 3 has more than 620,000 selected books to its Kindle Kindle Shop which gives a massive selection of magazines, blogs and publications

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