Amazon Kindle Fire Review

The Kindle Fire review shows this is an excellent tablet that provides its users with a number of benefits. This tablet is one of the most economical on the market, as it was designed to minimize the number of apps that are seldom used. It only costs about half as much as the higher priced iPad, and is less than the Nook as well. This tablet has more apps than the Nook, though less than the iPad.

However, the Kindle Fire was specifically designed to minimize the apps that are not used by most owners. This product includes 8Gb capacity which is less than the Nook and iPad, but owners can take advantage of cloud power for the Kindle Fire. Consumers can find in the Fire a tablet that has all the power and speed of other products but costs half the price. The Kindle Fire also has better picture resolution than the iPad, and this is a great way to watch movies or play games. Owners also have access to the best television shows, movies, books and magazines through Amazon Prime and the lending library features.

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Kindle Fire Review – Top Benefits

  • Incredible resolution for watching movies
  • There are more than 15,000 apps that have been designed for the Kindle Fire
  • Amazon Prime enables access to over 10,000 movies and television shows
  • Lending library has millions of books with no due dates
  • Access to cloud power and storage – File Storage is unlimited
  • 8GB of storage

Kindle Fire Speed And Reliability

This product is one of the fastest tablets on the market, and the Kindle Fire review remarks on the dual core TI OMAP 4. Cloud storage is also offered for this product, and this enables owners to access the huge computing power that provides easy access to e-mails and documents. The Android Gingerbread operating system also ensure that web browsers will be able to surf with ease and provides access to a host of digital media.

Kindle Fire Accessories

A variety of other electronics can easily be attached to this tablet, and it has an easy to access headphone jack located on the bottom of the device. A USB port enables the tablet to easily be recharged, and the battery will last for a full eight hours. The USB port also enables file transfers to be accomplished with ease. Most of those who have provided a Kindle Fire review have remarked on the capability of this tablet to provide for the integration of all their electronic devices.

Cloud Storage For Power And Speed

Cloud storage is another feature and provides a great way to harness the unlimited power that is offered in a powerful host. This tablet includes eight GB of storage, but there are only 6.5 that are actually accessible. The rest of the storage is used by the operating system of the device. Cloud power makes up for the lack of memory, and this aspect pleases the Kindle Fire review. Users can use their Kindle Fire in conjunction with a cloud provider and take advantage of an unlimited amount of storage for their documents and e-mail.

Impressive Images

The Kindle Fire review shows that the screen is one of the sharpest in the industry, and this is a great way for people to watch their favorite movies or music videos. The screen has a resolution of 1,024 x 600 and is a full seven inches big. It also includes 169 pixels per inch, and this provides a high amount of resolution and enables the Fire to maintain speed with a number of action games or high speed footage.

Wireless Freedom

Wi-Fi is also easily accessed by those who own this tabet. There are a number of things that owners can access on the internet through the wireless capability of this machine. It easily provides access to over 19 million games, movies, songs, magazines, books and TV shows. There are some great apps and games that are found for the tablet, and it has ultra-fast web browsing capabilities.

Kindle Fire Review – Intuitive Interface

This tablet follows the lead of some of the other products on the market and it uses the touch screen format for operation. This allows for anyone to easily touch their desired page or app, and they will be transported there with ease. There are a number of benefits that this provides, and it is designed to ensure the ease with which these devices can be used. The Kindle Fire review is proud of the intuitive design that is included in this tablet.

Millions Of Books For Free

Kindle Fire Color Magazines

Kindle Fire Color Magazines

The Fire also includes a lending library that allows owners to access millions of books. There are over 100 best-sellers that can be read whenever the owner wishes. The best thing about this feature is that there are no return dates. Consumers have the ability to browse these books at their leisure and do not need to feel rushed to finish their reading. This is a great way to enjoy all of the new books that are offered to readers every day.

Whyspersync Technology

For those who have extensive libraries of music and movies, they can easily sync this tablet with all of their other devices. It can stream a movie that is being shown on TV with ease. This is a great consideration for the kids, and now, they do not need to quit watching their program when they leave the house. They can simply start playing the film on their tablet.

Single E-Mail Inbox

This tablet also provides an easy way for its owners to access their e-mail and other documents. These can be stored on a cloud host to ensure the device operates at its fastest. They can be easily retrieved whenever they are needed. There is a built in app that allows owner to access a variety of webmail providers into a single inbox. This is a great idea for those who have more than one e-mail address. Documents can also be read, and this device is fully compatible with Word and PDF files. This ensures the owner can take advantage of all the benefits that are found on these word processing programs.

Amazon Prime

Buyers of the Kindle Fire can also take advantage of the best instant streaming of their movies with Amazon Prime. This enables owners to access over 10,000 of the best movies and television show. The graphics are also unparalleled, and this tablet is has the best video quality on the market.


Kindle Fire Review Pros and Cons


  • Lowest Price Of Any Tablet.
  • The Highest Screen Resolution And More Pixels Per Inch For Better Movie Viewing
  • Easy Access To Amazon Prime And Over 10,000 Movies On Demand.
  • Lending Library Offers Millions Of Books And Magazines With No Due Dates.


  • 8 GB of Memory Only
  • The user interace is not customizable as other Android Tablets and Apple iPad
  • 7″ screen is not big enough for many end-users

The Kindle Fire is one of the newest tablets on the market and has been designed to provide an economical option for buyers. This tablet costs half of what the iPad runs, and it has a better screen resolution and is just as fast. The Nook also costs more than the Fire, and the Kindle Fire has way more apps than the Nook. The Kindle Fire allows access to the power of the clouds and can easily perform all an owner’s favorite apps.

It also has access to the lending library, and readers can enjoy their favorite books with no due date. Amazon Prime provides unlimited access to more than 10,000 movies and TV shows that will instantly stream to this tablet. A Kindle Fire Discount is also available and offers buyers another way to save their money. The Kindle Fire review showcases a great product that offers everything users could want from their tablet at a fraction of other product’s prices.

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