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The Kindle Fire was a big hit since it was the cheapest tablet that was available on the market, and since Amazon has decided to release a new Kindle Fire 2, it is time for a Kindle Fire HD review. Amazon managed to bring in a large sum of money from this product, so it comes as no surprise that they are bringing forth a second version of the device. This Kindle Fire HD review will help inform you of some of the benefits and features that will be available on this new device.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review

Kindle Fire HD Hot Features

  • Dual-core OMAP 4470-Processor – fast web browsing and movie playing.
  • 16 GB or 32 GB storing your HD movies
  • 10 Hours Battery Life.
  • Dual Stereo Speakers
  • 7 or 8.9-inch IPS display – great color saturation.
  • 1920 x 1200 pixel 254PPI Super High resolution
  • Only 13.9 ounces for 7″ and 20 oz for 8.9″
  • Dual Brand Wifi – Faster Networking
  • New Email, Facebook, and Skype must-have apps
  • $299 for 8.9 inch HD screen – which is the killing price for a tablet
  • $199 for 7″ 16 GB – We call it Kindle Fire HD

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Screen Size

Kindle Fire HD has 2 versions. One is with 8.9 inch ISP screen, which is larger than the original Kindle Fire screen that was only 7.1 inches. However, they later reported that the Kindle Fire HD will also be available with 7″ sized screen as the first generation. This means that there are multiple sizes of the Kindle Fire HD, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your budget at $199 and $299.

Kindle Fire HD 7 Looks Awesome

Kindle Fire HD 7 Looks Awesome

Dual-Core OMAP Processor

Many people out there have no idea what the 1.2GHz OMAP Processor means for the new device. This new processor is meant to make the Kindle Fire HD run up to 100 percent faster than the original Kindle Fire, which is a huge increase in performance.

Higher Quality Materials

Amazon really wants to impress people with their newest version of the Kindle Fire. For this reason, they are going to produce them using a much higher quality material than the original Kindle Fire. They will also consist of a more ergonomic design, which should be an improvement on the previous version of the Kindle Fire.


The Kindle Fire HD has a feature that many believe the original Kindle Fire should have had, but lacked. A HD front-facing camera is placed above the HD screen. Now, you could do video conferencing with Skype. This camera won’t be able to take pictures as elegant as a high definition one, but it will definitely provide some competition for the cameras available on other tablets.


Kindle Fire HD comes with Android Ice-cream Sandwich which its own customization. Amazon has reported that they plan on going with Nokia’s mapping software over Google’s, but this could be a short lived affair. Amazon has been working on their own mapping software since July, which they are hoping to use instead.


While the Kindle Fire HD will sell millions, its competition may be hindered by the Nexus 7 and Apple new iPad. Cowen analyst Kevin Kopelman had originally predicted for 14 million of the devices to be sold upon release, but after taking the Nexus 7 into consideration he lowered his expectations down to only 12 million. Either way, the Kindle Fire HD has a large selling expectancy, especially 8.9″ screen for $299 is no-brainer comparing to Apple new iPad for $499.


With so many new features, can you expect the Kindle Fire HD to be offered at a higher price than the original Kindle Fire? Amazon was able to sell so many Kindle Fires because of their low price, so their goal is to try and keep the price down. They are selling a standard version for the same price as the original Kindle Fire, which was $199 for 7″ and $299 for 8.9″ inch.

They are lowering the price of the original Kindle Fire down to only $159, which is $40 less than their original price. It comes with a faster CPU and twice size of internal memory storage. There are other versions of the Kindle Fire available, so the device you choose may change the amount that you actually pay.



It’s time to wrap up this Kindle Fire HD review. There are many more features that are still under wraps, but this will be an excellent device. Rumors have it that this is the Kindle device that Amazon wanted to originally release but couldn’t get out in time to sell for Christmas. Hopefully this Kindle Fire HD review has inspired you to look forward to this new device!

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