A simple guide to choosing an eBook reader

Electronic Readers (also known as the Kindle or Nook) have become very popular over the last two years and for good reason. For less space than many books, they may contain a library of books to hold a hundred thousand pages a couple. They are very mobile and have the ability to download extra pounds if you have enough space.

They are also easy to read their papers as screens and many models have easy touch controls. Some even come with free ebooks libraries already stored and ready to read. If the e-book digital does not impress you think what it would be like to carry the same amount of literature in the street or at the library or on board a flight – remember we are talking about a few hundred thousands of pages, and in some cases many more.This guide wil make a simple comparison of three models of electronic books in three price ranges to simplify your shopping with decision.

I’m reviewing the Sony PRS-900BCKIT Daily Edition e-reader. This power-packed reader can be found for around $ 400.00 and has many features for controlling the prices. Starting with the fact that it is a 3G wireless can browse and download books that are in PDF and ePub formats. It has 1.6 GB of onboard memory that can store hundreds of books. It is easy to navigate with touch controls on inchdisplay 7. Not only does the display look and read like paper, you also have access to six font sizes. This feature alone should take care of all but the show as seriously questioned. Additional features include a dictionary, compatibility with Mac and PC, viewable in portrait and landscape viewing.

Bookeen Cybook CYBPE10W Opus

In the midrange, you will find ebooks as the reader eBook Bookeen Cybook CYBPE10W Opus. The usual price range is around $ 230.00. It comes with 1 GB of internal memory though, but also has a micro SD storage slot for more memory. An important practice is that it is daylight readable display with 600 x 800 dpi and a USB port and cable to share files and recharge your battery. Keys available include a menu button, a Back button and the page forward / backard button. The battery life of the drive boasts a capacity of 8000 page flip – about 2 weeks of dollars. Finally, it presents itself as a multi-format drive that supports sPub Adobe / PDF, HTML, TXT, JPG, GIF, PNG and formats.

Aluratek Ebook Reader

The expensive example is the e-reader Aluratek Free eBook Reader Pro, which can be found for around $ 150.00. A remarkable feature of this player is that it comes with a micro SD card of 2 GB and 100 free ebooks. Another interesting feature is an integrated MP3 player with support for reading. The ebook also comes with turn page automatic bookmark function and supports all the usual digital formats such as PDF, TXT, JPG and GIF. The life of the internal battery offers 24 hours of continuous use with a battery level indicator.

The of this article was to create a benchmark for those considering purchasing an ebook reader. I hope I accomplished that and happy shopping ebook! If you find this article useful or informative please leave a comment.

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