A revolutionary wireless reading as the Kindle eBook Reader Digital is not just a story book reader

So in February Amazon has finally introduced their own, an upgraded version of the Kindle ebook reader surprisingly popular digital with additional features and improved as a thinner design, upgrade the battery with extended use between charges and the ability of the expanded memory makes it more than any book of ancient history reader.

The online retailer based in Seattle, decided to release the new digital ebook reader Kindle with the same $ 359 price as their original book history reader. A smart move that both versions of digital book readers are chalk and cheese and the price level offers great value for buyers of new digital ebook greatly improved in reader.

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NEW Green iPearl mCover® High Grade Silicone Skin Cover Case for the Amazon Kindle 3 (3rd Generation Amazon Kindle eBook reader, 6-inch screen, WIFI or 3G)

Measuring to a meager 0.36 cm thickness, it is only 9 mm for converts, the new Kindle ebook reader digital is only half the thickness of the previous version and weighs lighter than your standard paperback book, which is ideal for carrying around with you when the battery move.

The underwent an upgrade, resulting in a responsible life 25% longer than the original Kindle, so now users can expect to play for the four or five days of a new single charge with installing wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi disabled with the battery charge will last for a staggering two weeks.

The enhanced memory capacity of 2 gig gives the reader Kindle ebook digital capacity store more than 1500 full-length novels, which compares to only 200 first ebook reader Kindle could hold.

The Kindle Digital eBook Reader now offers users an ability to read me, which converts text on the pages of the novel spoken words for them to listen. Not only that, they can decide whether they want to be read by a man or a woman. In addition, they can also change the speed settings according to their favorite music. You can now see why this ebook reader digital book reader no simple story and is often referred to as device.

At revolutionary wireless reading the new Kindle eBook reader digital launch, Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon said: “The new eBook Reader Kindle customers are telling us everything they like the original Kindle ebook readers digital, but thinner, faster, crisper, with greater autonomy, and capable of containing Hundreds of other books. “

” If you feel the need, digital ebook reader Kindle can read you even now – a new feature, we included and something that a book could never do, “he added.

When they launched the new Kindle eBook Reader, the company informed the press that the American writer of horror novels, Stephen King, who published a novel, “Ur,” which would be available for playback via the new digital eBook reader Kindle. Industry analysts have predicted that this trend will in the future as the industry begins to embrace this new media.

As a footnote, the first digital eBook reader Kindle was launched in November 2007, and although ammounted a little more than a history book reader, it proved to be very popular with the American public. Just how popular we will never know exactly like Amazon has not released any sales figures, but some analysts have guesstimated that in 2008 alone, Amazon has sold in the region of 500,000 of these digital Kindle book readers which if correct is a much higher figure than expected.

With greatly improved the New Kindle eBook Reader Digital, now released on the market, expect the Kindle book readers sales figures explode like this little beauty is not just one but a genuine revolutionary wireless reading device.

The Digital Book Reader market is a confusing place. Vistit Noels blog at http://revolutionarywirelessreadingdevice.com where you can find the best ebook reader reviews that will help you find the model that perfectly fits your reading needs. Noel Swinton lives with his wife Kathy and dog Troob in the UK. He is retired and now spends his time writing and managing various electronic ‘gadgets’ websites.

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