A comparison of the 2009 Amazon Kindle 2 vs Sony Reader PRS-700

The Amazon Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader PRS-700 are two of the hottest players ebook to hit the market over the last 12 months, bringing the pleasure of reading to a whole new level. For those new to ebook reading devices and are interested in getting one, here’s a comparison of Amazon Kindle 2 cons Sony Reader and how they match against each other.

The price of a gadget is an important factor for many people, especially for first-time buyers. The Amazon Kindle 2 is currently priced at $ 359, while the Sony Reader is currently set at $ 399, making the Kindle 2 cheaper by $ 40.

Size and Weight
The size and weight of these gadgets are not really giving a clear advantage over the other. The Sony Reader PRS-700 weighs about 10 ounces, the Kindle 2 just slightly above. The Sony Reader is a little wider and thicker, while the Kindle is a few centimeters. In all cases, both are very convenient to carry around.

The two playback devices at once use the e-ink technology that creates a screen that is very similar to text on paper, eliminating the eyestrain and providing easy reading with chips, text and images. The Amazon Kindle 2009, however, is now reinforced with 16 shades of gray, while the Sony Reader has a gray level 8-scale.

Wireless Capabilities
Here is a category where the Sony Reader is clearly beaten by the Kindle. Generation Amazon Kindle second uses Whispernet technology, provide free wireless coverage in the U.S. through Sprint’s 3G network speed. Kindle users can access over 240,000 titles of books, magazines, newspapers and even blogs. By simply selecting the content of reading material of choice and pay for it, the book or magazine will be downloaded on the Kindle any time, anywhere in minutes! The Sony Reader PRS-700 on the other hand, it still lacks the wireless capability, and with only less than 100,000 books to choose from, it does not even come near the breadth of content that provides Kindle.

Formats Supported
Both e-book readers to support most commonly used formats such as TXT, MP3, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats and some specific to each device. The Sony Reader, however, supports PDF as the Kindle 2 will not work – not directly, anyway. PDF must still be sent by email to support office Kindle be converted for display on the Kindle and Amazon gave notice that “some complex PDF files might not format correctly” on Kindle.

Storage Capacity
In this feature, the Sony Reader gains upper hand clear. Certainly, the Amazon Kindle 2 has 2G internal memory which 1.4g is available for content and can accommodate up to 1,500 pounds, but he no longer supports external memory cards. While the Sony Reader 256 MB of internal memory may seem insignificant compared to the Kindle, the main advantage is within the ability of Sony to support up to 16G of external memory. Now that’s a huge advantage, not only when it comes to holding thousands of content should we need, but also for managing files in different memory cards.

Battery and load Time
Both e-book readers have the same ability when it comes to battery life. On a fully charged battery or Sony Reader Kindle 2 can be read straight for two weeks without needing a recharge. The only difference is that if the Kindle 2 is used with WiFi enabled, the battery capacity is reduced to only four days. The charging time for both players is four hours via USB or two hours with a wall charger.

The Bottom Line 2009 Comparison of 2 vs Amazon Kindle eBook Reader from Sony:

Although this is not a total knockout for the Kindle on the Sony Reader, it is near! The Amazon Kindle 2 is the best ebook reader hands down. The price, breadth of content, wireless capabilities, and improving the overall design of the generation of the Amazon Kindle second is a clear winner on the Sony Reader 700.
Get the complete Amazon Kindle 2 review here and take the video to see how cool this is handheld ebook reader!
Watch the full video comparison Amazon Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader here.

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